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Any law school can provide a textbook education, but there’s more to becoming an attorney than reading case law and passing tests. At MC Law, students receive the superior education, uncommon support, and real world experience they need to become real world lawyers. MC Law — Motion to Succeed.

MC Law takes a whole person approach to recruiting and admissions. We’re interested in students who demonstrate not only the intellect needed to succeed in law school, but also the character, leadership skills, and drive required to succeed in life.

“MC Law is 1,200 miles from my residence in New Jersey, but the first time I visited, I instantly felt at home. The faculty and students gave me a warm welcome that has since grown into an even warmer relationship. Once when I was sick, Dean Jim Rosenblatt personally drove me to the hospital and waited there with me until I was seen. The atmosphere at MC Law is one of family.” — Karen Nazaire, MC Law Student

MC Law is located in downtown Jackson, Mississippi’s capital city and the heart of the state’s legal community. The State Capitol, Mississippi Supreme Court, federal courts, and many of Mississippi’s most respected law firms are within walking distance of the campus.

“MC Law's ability to place students in so many positions through the externship program cannot be matched in this state. During my time at MC Law, I worked for the Mississippi Attorney General's Office, the Legal Department of the Mississippi Development Authority, the U.S. Attorney's Office, and the Governor's Office of General Counsel. Each of these experiences provided me with a new and different perspective on the law.” — Clay Baldwin, Alumnus

MC Law’s rigorous academic program combines a strong foundation in the law with opportunities to explore areas of personal interest and engage in hands-on legal work. First-year students take foundational courses that teach them to think, speak, and write like lawyers.

“I have been fortunate to have served as a visiting professor at Harvard Law School, Emory University School of Law, and the University of Arkansas School of Law. Serving as a visiting professor only makes me appreciate MC Law more. People sometimes think going to an ivy league school makes a big difference, and yes, there are sometimes more resources available, but our students are as bright and hard-working as those at any law school in the country.” — Professor Patricia Bennett

MC Law’s law centers offer students the opportunity for in-depth study and in some cases, practice, of a particular area of law.

“It's refreshing to realize that you can attend a private law school and still feel encouraged to do what you feel makes a difference. Through the LRAP program, MC Law is saying, 'It's not all about making money or working for the most prestigious firm. We care about and value the kind of work you're doing.'” — Lee Willoughby, Alumnus, First Recipient of the MC Law Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP)

MC Law students come from a variety of geographic locations and cultural backgrounds, resulting in a diverse student body with a wide array of talents, personalities, and interests. The law school offers many opportunities for students to enhance their legal educations, expand their social circles, and form connections that extend beyond the classroom.

“One advantage of MC Law is that it's small. Everyone here knows me. I doubt there's another law school where the Dean not only knows you by name, but also gives you a daily high-five.“ — Kelvin Pulley, MC Law Student

MC Law’s administration, faculty, and staff put students first. From the initial contact with the admissions office to the professors who teach your classes to a support staff on hand to answer virtually any question, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a community dedicated to ensuring your success in law school and beyond.

“At MC Law, we take responsibility for nurturing every student and helping them become their best. More than just teaching, it's about building a special relationship with each student. And unlike so many people I know, I never dread Monday.“ — Professor Judith Johnson

Your first step toward success is applying to MC Law. For more information about the law school or to apply online, visit There’s no application fee when you apply online. Applications are considered on a rolling basis, enabling MC Law to respond with a decision quickly. You will also be notified of any scholarship award. We look forward to hearing from you and to working together toward your success.

“What I enjoy most about serving as dean of MC Law is the vibrancy and variety here at the Law School. The opportunity to be a part of a dynamic law school that is on the move is a source of immense professional satisfaction and makes everyday a joy.” — Dean Jim Rosenblatt

MC Law

MC Law recruits well-rounded people of promise. That attitude is reflected in the law school’s application process, which considers not only your LSAT score and your GPA, but also your life experiences and the potential you bring to the law school and the legal field.

From the moment you apply until the day you graduate and throughout your lifetime as an alumnus, MC Law sees you as an individual and helps you achieve professional and personal success.

Students accepted to MC Law will find that the whole person approach doesn’t end with the admissions process. Our professors are available to work with students one-on-one to identify individual challenges and enhance areas of strength.

MC Law

MC Law offers unlimited opportunities for part time work, clerkships, and hands-on externships with law firms, judges, public interest organizations, and government agencies. Unlike students at more isolated law schools, MC Law students gain in-depth, practical experience in the legal field long before they graduate.

Explore MC Law

The MC Law campus is a showplace in the center of downtown Jackson and a legal center for all of Mississippi.

Explore Jackson

The Jackson metro area offers unparalleled access to the legal community, where 48% of the attorneys in Mississippi are located. Home to 450,000 residents, the capital city combines the amenities of a large city with the warmth and welcome of a small town.

MC Law

A legal research and writing program that includes small group and personal instruction is a key part of the first year curriculum. The exercises are practical and provide templates students can use during their summer work and in practice. During the second and third year, students choose from a wide range of electives geared toward their areas of legal interest and complete an in-depth writing project. Second- and third-year students may also gain “real world experience” through the MC Law externship program, a course that matches law students with federal and state agencies, judges, and non-profit organizations.

Making a Moot Point

When it comes to moot court competitions, MC Law is a triple threat, competing and excelling in prestigious appellate advocacy, trial advocacy, and alternative dispute resolution competitions nationwide.

MC Law

Each law center offers a stimulating mix of class offerings, writing and research opportunities, outside speakers, external moot court competitions focused on the subject area, and externships for practical experience.

Students who participate in the programs offered by the law centers will have an in-depth legal education experience and be better prepared to succeed in practice.

From opportunities to study law abroad to participating in public interest work to competing on our nationally recognized moot court teams, MC Law offers opportunities for each student to explore the specific areas in which he or she is interested.

MC Law

More than 30 student-led organizations encourage students to explore areas of legal or personal interest.

The Office of Student Services serves as a resource for all MC Law students through the course of their law school careers, providing advice and counseling on academic and personal matters and overseeing student organizations.

The Office of Career Services begins working with students during the first year of law school, offering guidance in resume preparation, networking, and interviewing.

MC Law

At MC Law, professors take the time to serve not only as instructors, but also as mentors. Professors are approachable, enjoying personal relationships with their students that extend beyond law school and continue throughout the course of their former students’ careers.

MC Law’s fulltime professors are complemented by an adjunct faculty that includes skilled practitioners and respected judges, providing students not only with excellent “real world” instruction, but also with valuable networking opportunities.

MC Law

Are you ready to become a part of the success story? For more information call 601.925.7152 or to apply online, visit

MC Law graduates practice in 41 states and six countries.

Future Success Stories: The Entering Class of 2013
Students in Class 159
High LSAT 164
Median LSAT 149
High GPA 4.21
Median GPA 3.30
Males 57%
Females 43%
Minorities 25%
Average age 25
Age range 21-52
Mississippi students 64%
Out-of-State students 36%
July 2013 Mississippi Bar Exam Represented
MC Law Pass Rate 85.4 (+5.6%)
All takers Pass Rate 86.2%

Graduates may take the bar examination in all 50 states.

Accredited by the American Bar Association
Member, American Association of Law Schools
Charter Member, International Association of Law Schools
Member, American Society of Comparative Law

MC Law

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