• ABANET: Internship & Career Opportunities for Law Students http://www.abanet.org/lsd/jobopp.html
  • Affirmative Action Register: Recruitment service directed to females, minorities, veterans, and disabled persons, as well as all other employment candidates. http://www.aar-eeo.com
  • American Corporate Counsel Association: Contains a database of employment opportunities for in-house counsel.http://jobs.acca.com
  • America’s Job Bank:  A serious networking tool and a component of Career OneStop http://ajb.dni.us
  • Attorney Jobs: A subscription is required to view listings but there is a Westlaw discount available http://www.attorneyjobs.com
  • BYU Intercollegiate Job Bank:  Host site for job postings from across the U.S.  Law Schools that participate update the job postings at the first of each month.  Only students that attend or are alumni of participating schools have access.  Contact Debbie Foley in the Career Services Office for the username and password. https://www.law2.byu.edu/career_services/jobbank/
  • Career Bliss: A free career community that empowers job seekers with jobs, reviews, and salaries, along with hundreds of great career articles. http://www.careerbliss.com/
  • Counsel Net: A large attorney network with legal job listings      http://www.counsel.net
  • Criminal Law Opportunities: Criminal Justice Programs Online:  criminaljusticeprogramsonline.com  and Careers in Federal Law Enforcement:  http://www.criminaljusticeprogramsonline.com/careers-federal-law-enforcement/
  • Criminal Justice Paths: http://criminaljusticepaths.com
  • Findlaw.com: Use their database to browse legal jobs or submit your resume.  This site also contains the “Greedy Associates” message board, but take information with a grain of salt. http://careers.findlaw.com
  • Glassdoor: For access to jobs, company reviews, salaries, and interview questions posted on this site go to: http://www.glassdoor.com/index.htm
  • Heiros Gamos:  An outstanding employment resource site! http://www.hg.org/employment.html
  • Internships USA: This site contains information on a wealth of internship opportunities, including internships with prosecutor’s offices in nearly 100 cities nationwide; internships in international affairs, woment’s rights, city and county attorney’s offices, sports law, education law, and green (environmental) law; and federal internships, government internships in law and policy, and human rights internships.  To access these opportunities, go to http://www.internships-usa.com and click on “Internships for Law Students.”  Contact Sherry Johnson in Career Services for username and password.
  • Job-Hunt: Maintains a page dedicated to law job hunters at  http://www.job-hunt.org/
  • LawCrossing: Searching for jobs? Great articles? Career Advice? Make sure to check out LawCrossing FREE for current law school students until April 30, 2016.
    1. Obtain the Promotion Code Password from career Services.
    2. Go to http://www.lawcrossing.com/
    3. Scroll down and enter your law school e-mail address (the one ending in “.edu”) AND THE Promotion Code Password in the box.
    4. You will receive an e-mail at your law wschool e-mail address from LawCrossing with an address to copy and paste in your browser to activate your account.  Follow the instructions concerning choosing your user name and password.
  • At this point you will be signed-up and able to use all the features of the site.  If you do not receive the e-mail with the link, check your security settings and make sure that the e-mail is not being treated as SPAM. If you have difficulty signing up or viewing jobs, contact LawCrossing Customer Service by phone at 800-973-1177, M-F between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. PST.

  • Law Jobs: Also a helpful employment center http://www.lawjobs.com
  • Law Match: Efficient employment solutions http://www.lawmatch.com
  • Legal Employ: Extensive legal employment search site http://www.legalemploy.com
  • Legal Recruiter: Maintains listings of open positions across the globe http://www.legalrecruiter.com
  • Legal Services from LexisNexis
  • NCMA: https://www.ncmahsv.org/jobs-3.shtml
  • Neuvoo: http://neuvoo.com/jobs/?k=&l=Mississippi&f=&p=1&r=15
  • Public Health: http://www.publichealth.org/volunteering/
  • UpCounsel: https://www.upcounsel.com/home/forattorneys
  • Volunteer & Nonprofit Careers – an open-access, expert driven guide to non-profit career opportunities.  This resource was created for students and young professionals seeking careers in the non-profit sector. It includes a detailed rundown of specific fields, organizations, and job titles with strong connections to non-profit work. It also discusses the importance of volunteering, and how donating time can serve as a bridge to a full-time, paid position. Other key features of the guide include: where and how to network to open non-profit doors and must-have information for volunteering internationally. Go to: : http://www.learnhowtobecome.org/volunteer-and-nonprofit-careers/
  • Wall Street Journal Career Center: WSJ’s Executive Career Site with job postings, tools, tips, and articles http://www.careerjournal.com
  • Wet Feet: Provides both job and internship listings. In addition, the site offers various research tools on private firms, salaries, and practice area.  The free membership also provides career newsletters, discussion boards, and free career guides. http://www.wetfeet.com