Room Reservation

To schedule a room, visit our Meeting Room Manager software by clicking the following link:

Reserve Room

You should be automatically logged in as caluser and brought to the main screen that looks similar to the screen below.  If you are not automatically logged in, please use the following credentials:

  • username: caluser
  • password: caluser

Use the calendar in the upper left of the screen to navigate to the date you are looking for. Just below the calendar, there is a list of available locations. By selecting any of the buildings, you are able to see the rooms in each specific building; selecting the ‘Law School’ option will display all available rooms.

To reserve a room, click on the ‘Reserve’ icon at the top of the window. You will be brought to the room reservation page, seen below:

From this screen, you will input all of the Reservation Details. You must put the Start and End times, the room you would like to reserve, the meeting title, and the person responsible. Once you have filled out all of the details, click the ‘Save and Close’ button at the bootom-right.

All reservations must be approved, they will then be added to the calendar.