Charlotte School of Law

University: Charlotte School of Law
Web Address:
Phone Number: 704.971.8515
Fax Number: 704.971.8516
Address: 201 South College Street, Suite 400
Charlotte, NC 28244

Current Dean

Jay Conison
2013-04-15 to Current

Previous Deans (populated by deans in the database)

Denise Spriggs
2011-08-10 to 2013-04-15
Dennis J. Stone
2009-02-01 to 2011-08-10

Deans Who Attended Charlotte School of Law


Previous Deans (information provided by Charlotte School of Law )

Tenure as Dean
Denise Spriggs
2011 - 2013
Dennis Stone
2009 - 2011

* Deceased

Additional Positions

Academic DeanDean Camille Davidson
Chair - Faculty Recruitment Committee
Most Recently Tenured Faculty Member