Benton Public Interest Fellowship Program

The Benton Public Interest Fellowship program provides funding for first year law students working in otherwise unpaid summer internships with government agencies and public interest groups. Benton Fellowships are used in conjunction with Federal Work Study awards to enable students to be compensated for summer volunteer placements. The purpose of the Benton Public Interest Fellowship Program is to support MC Law students who are interested in public service, while providing an invaluable service to government agencies and nonprofit organizations.  Each Benton Fellow will be paid up to $2,000 at the rate of $10.00 per hour.

Eligible Placements

Positions at public interest, nonprofit or government agencies supervised by an attorney are eligible for Fellowship funding. In the past, recipients have worked at legal services offices, prosecutor and public defender offices, nonprofit advocacy organizations, government regulatory and enforcement agencies throughout the country, and in some judicial chambers. Fellows have worked in a variety of locations across the country.


The Benton Public Interest Fellowship Program is available to 1L students in good academic standing who volunteer with qualifying organizations outside the State of Mississippi. The program is reserved for students who will return to MC Law School, and participating students must execute documentation confirming their intent to return to MC Law School in the Fall.

Fellowship funding is not guaranteed, and the Benton Fellowship program is not a job placement service. Students must apply for Fellowship funding. Applicants must secure a qualifying volunteer position or make a good faith effort to obtain a position and be awaiting a decision from the organization at the time of the application deadline. Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee, based on specified criteria. See the application for more information.

Application Deadline: April 11, 2016 at 9:00 AM