Facilities and Housing

The program will be held on the campus of Université Catholique de Lille. The university (known locally as “Catho") is located in the center of the Vauban district and is surrounded by markets, shops, restaurants and parks.

Students can coordinate their own hotel rooms in Lille or ask for the assistance of MC Law. Students who participate in both the Lille Program and the France/Germany Program immediately afterwards have the option of staying in Lille dormitories (single occupancy). On campus students have access to campus dining. Major tourist attractions in the city center are easily accessible by public transportation or by a 15 minute walk. A public transportation pass (local bus and metro systems) is included in the program cost.

Housing and Meals

Housing is available in dormitories (single occupancy) for those who participate in both the Lille and the France/Germany programs. The dormitories are off-campus and are located in the city center near the Eura-Lille Train Station and the Eura-Lille indoor shopping mall (which includes a large supermarket). The dormitory rooms have private baths, kitchenettes and internet access. A pillow, bed sheets and blankets are provided. Travel to campus by public bus takes about 20 minutes. Students may opt to locate their own housing as well. Short-term rentals (apartment and hotels) are available in Lille. Students who choose to live in the dormitory will be billed for lodging in their summer billing statement from MC Law, which is payable after disbursement of summer loan/scholarship funds. Students opting to locate their own housing will be fully responsible for arranging and paying for their own housing in accordance with the terms of their particular lodging choice.

Access for persons with disabilities

The university buildings and housing used for the program are accessible for those with special needs. However, please advise us on your application to ensure preparation for any special needs so we may provide you with the best possible service. Public transportation for the city of Lille is accessible to those with disabilities. Most sidewalks in the city are also accessible to those with disabilities. Access for person with disabilities throughout France is comparable to accessibility in the United States for such persons.