Program Costs

The following is an estimate of total student expenses for the program. This includes both payment to MC Law and anticipated out-of-pocket expenses. These are only estimates and subject to change.

MC Law tuition for 2 credit hours:
Current Mc law students: $2136
Non-MC students (visiting students): $2258 (tuition at current 1L student tuition)

Travel/lodging/Administrative Fee: $3200 

This fee includes lodging for 7 nights, daily breakfast, 4 dinners, daily tours, and airport to hotel transfers in Havana.  A supplemental charge of $900 will be made for those who request single room, subject to availability.

This fee does not include airfare to Havana.  Students are responsible for arranging their air travel to and from Havana.  Depending on United States point of departure, prices can range from around $300 to $1000.  Students are encoraged to compare prices and best departure points.  Multpile airlins currently serve various U.S. cities and Havana.  We encourage students to coordinate travel plans to and from Havana as much as possible.

Registration Fee: $75
Spending money/non-included meals: $400-$600
Departure tax: $25


U.S. credit and debit cards will not work in Cuba.  Students MUST take cash to Havana to be converted to Cuban Pesos.  The recommended amount of spending money is $75 per day.  Most students find this more than adequate.  Additionally, U.S. cell phones will not work in Cuba.  Students may call the U.S. from phones at the hotel for a fee.  While the hotel does offer internet, students should not expect the same standard of internet service available in the U.S. and should not rely on having constant or fast service.