Upon completion of the course, students will earn a total of 3 credit hours from the following course:

Comparative Health Law

This course illuminates important concepts and themes in health law by considering them from competing national and international perspectives. The course begins with the question of whether there is (or ought to be) a right to access basic health care services and, if so, from where does that right derive (international law, national constitutions, domestic legislation, etc.). The course then shifts to exploring various types of health care delivery systems employed by different nations. Additional topics include comparative analysis of approaches to medical malpractice, reproductive rights, and issues of global public health concern such as epidemics.

Grading is based primarily on a final comprehensive exam.

This course will be taught by Dean Jonathan Will. 

Final class schedules for each course will be announced at a later date. Classes, however, will generally meet weekday mornings.

All standard MC Law rules for class attendance, participation and grading will apply to this  course. Please refer to the MC Law 2017 – 2018 Academic Year Catalog for details.  Grades will be letter grades and determined by final exams and class participation.

Further information on MC Law grading may be found here

Visiting students should note that acceptance of any credit for the courses is subject to determination by your home law school.